In order to get the search engine to like your website and get it a good ranking status, your SEO strategies should be top notch. Doing this is not a walk in the park for some people. SEO also has a number of definitions that may be hard to grip. In order to start a good SEO Expert campaign it is important that one understands these terms. Search engines favor sites with relevant keywords therefore the keywords should be used more often and sufficiently. How much the keyword is used in the content will determine how it will be ranked. Keyword use can be calculated by counting the number of keywords used and dividing it by the total number of words then multiplying the result by 100 to get the percentage. 

When the percentage is overboard one is penalized and when it is too low it means you need to increase the occurrences of this keyword. Overuse of a keyword is not recommended as the site will have a foolish appearance and it also won't be relevant. The use of keywords should be as optimal as possible ensuring that the site comes off as natural as possible. In ranking, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is very important. A search engine normally searches for keywords in the pages that are related to the main keyword and this is guaranteed to improve the overall ranking. For the supporting keywords to be relevant, they need to be close together.

The other term used in SEO is the link bait. This is not a tool to trick fish rather it is a very viral content that will probably attract a couple of other links. It seems like an easy problem to tackle but that is not the fact. Creating a linkbait requires the utmost creativity, the linkbait needs to be something that is very compelling and unique to be able to get value for free. It is also has to be something that is unique in every way or very funny so as to be highly sought out by people. 


The other term used in Rapid SEO Expert is link building. It is one of the major terms in SEO. It entirely means that a link is used to get other links that will index your page. Pages that are highly ranked usually have many of these backlinks to it. Links, clarity, keywords and site relevance are all the features needed to make it in the SEO world.